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Behind the Scenes - Ventresca "Me vs You" Camozzi Films Music Video

Camozzi Films is proud to present "Me vs You," a music video featuring the young and talented Toronto local, Ventresca. She's an 18 year old singer, songwriter, and dancer with a bright future. Shot on location at Lanna MMA in North York, the music video builds on a theme of personal improvement and confronting fear, face to face.

Produced by The Star Groomer and Camozzi Films. Directed by Luke Camozzi, director of photography Jason Bergen, grip by Vincenzo Buggea, BTS by Zim Li. Make-up by Gig Szabo and starring Lazar Rockwood as The Coach.

The video starts with an outdoor scene where Ventresca is being followed by a shadow boxer, a visual metaphor for her own self doubt. For this scene we used red light and super imposed the shadow over top of the wall using green screen footage that was shot later in the day.

As the vocals begin we are introduced to our wacky coach who senses she is battling with something internally and helps her prepare for the fight ahead.

We watch as the coach puts Ventresca through some training exercises where she learns to tune out the fear inside her even though it's doing it's best to taunt and demoralize her.

Feeling better about herself, Ventresca daydreams and visualizes herself transformed in the ring in a new wardrobe and head space. For this scene we used natural light, strategic lenses flares and fog machines as well as some creative overlays and color effects.

She snaps out of her daydream and is ready to fight. Her coach giver her one last boost of encouragement and she steps into the center of the ring.

Focused and ready, she moves into fighting position. She is no longer afraid and confidentially approaches her opponent...

To see how her story ends click this link to see the full video. A quick video recap of the making of this video can also be found on the Camozzi Films Instagram page here.

If you'd like to discuss your next music video project contact Camozzi Films, we'd love a chance to tell another great story like this one.

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